VicGrid Offshore Wind Transmission Map

VicGrid has provided the community with an interactive map to explore the proposed transmission route. 

The proposed transmission technology is a double circuit 330 kilovolts (kV) or 500 kV overhead transmission line. Further detailed analysis is needed to determine whether 330 kV or 500 kV is the best solution.

The Gippsland offshore wind transmission study area starts about 6 km from the coast near Giffard and travels northwest past Stradbroke West, to Willung, across to Flynns Creek and on to the Loy Yang Power Station.
The study area and the associated connection hub area have been informed by feedback from local landowners, communities and regional stakeholders as well as by technical work carried out over the course of 2023.
Offshore wind is set to play a key role in powering Victoria as coal-fired power stations retire.
This transmission infrastructure will support the state’s first offshore wind target of 2 gigawatts (GW) by 2032, enough to power 1.5 million homes.

Offshore wind energy connections to the VicGrid connection hub are subject to the outcome of the feasibility licence process which is still underway.

Explore the map of the study area by click Learn More.

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